Traffic lights don’t exist

“I don’t believe in God because there is evil in the world.” Yeah, and I don’t believe in traffic lights because accidents still occur. Both are effected by free will. We could all have cars that would come to a total stop is a light changed, however we value personal free will and autonomy too much to do that. Likewise God could have made robots who obey everything He willed and there would be no evil in the world as He is holy. But we would cease to be free agents.

True, legitimate love, a choice of devotion using the will is prone to the danger of misplaced loyalty. sin. Evil is indeed a momentary consequence of our free will and the classroom we are currently attending.

God will utterly destroy sin, death, and the devil in the end. And to those who have chosen life in Christ, forsaking this world and its ruler, to His children He will give freedom, newness, and blessed perfection.

A high cost to pay to create a redeemed, completely devoted people? Most definitely. Our God is absolutely holy, evil and sin are as opposed to His very being as hot is counter to cold, and more so. Further, to achieve our redemption, the Very Perfect son of God had to be sacrificed on our behalf. The cost is greater than you nor I can understand.

By such an experience as this, the Almighty ,All Knowing, Infinintly Perfect Lord of the Universe has endured much and given all. But He has created a people for His possession: a redeemed, royal priesthood whose complete and absolute loyalty rests in their King.

Father God, we praise You and thank You for all You do, have done and will do! You are infinitely knowing, absolutely holy and utterly perfect. You know what is best Dear Lord. We trust Your plan and praise and thank You for redeeming us in Christ Jesus. We ask that we may more fully understand the calling to which You have called us, the love You lavished upon us, and view all things as we should. We adore You, praise, trust, learn upon, and look to You our only God and King. May You please vanquish the enemy, bring an end to his rule, set up Your kingdom, and reign. Reign through us Mighty God! In Christ’s holy name. Amen

Published by TheProdigalSonDiaries

Hello all, I'm, Evan, 36 years old. I'm a born again Christian, amateur writer, lover of The Only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, theology and poetry, and a suicide survivor. I hope to encourage, educate, and spark discussion through my blog. I pray it aids you in your walk with the Savior! You can contact me at

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