White lies

It’s just a fib, a partial truth

What harm could it really do

It’s not flat out but partial still

We call it “white,” not quite “fib”

I used to deal in such disguise

To hide the truth behind tiny lies

One thing I’ve learned in my years

These fibs you see they are quite real

An omission here, and add-to there

we loose the message we seek to bare

Perhaps it’s time we told the truth

To stop the games, no more cry-wolf

I see now in my age, of growing older with each day

that tiny lie can be the path of life and death, heaven or hell

So be it full-news what you bring

Don’t “misplace words,” truth only sing

I prefer the facts more these days

I’ve grown quite tired of lies from any sage

if it hurts to hear and so what

I know with time I’ll handle such

Please don’t distort the facts my friend

The details are the truth, the omissions are what makes your statement stand

Published by TheProdigalSonDiaries

Hello all, I'm, Evan, 36 years old. I'm a born again Christian, amateur writer, lover of The Only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, theology and poetry, and a suicide survivor. I hope to encourage, educate, and spark discussion through my blog. I pray it aids you in your walk with the Savior! You can contact me at powers223322@gmail.com

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