The face of sins reward

I’ve always been pretty stubborn. Perhaps you can associate. I always had to find out for myself, take “the hard road.” If someone suggests something i listen and go about my way. If I’m ordered to do something i immediately rebel. As a result of this hard-heartedness you see, is my rather chaotic life. I’mContinue reading “The face of sins reward”

Ownership rights

We are not our own my friends! Wait, Evan, say what! Now I know in our Western thinking, and overall fallen states of mind this assertion is rather offensive, but it’s true nonetheless. You see, while we are individuals having free will which we can use as we see fit (which has worked out wonderfullyContinue reading “Ownership rights”

Traffic lights don’t exist

“I don’t believe in God because there is evil in the world.” Yeah, and I don’t believe in traffic lights because accidents still occur. Both are effected by free will. We could all have cars that would come to a total stop is a light changed, however we value personal free will and autonomy tooContinue reading “Traffic lights don’t exist”