Vanity of vanities

In our society it seems there is an epidemic of mental illness. Hopelessness and despair runs rampant….why is it so, you may ask…I know I surely do. Perhaps is not an epidemic of mental illness. perhaps it’s a legitimate reaction to the futility, hardship and perplexing nature of our lives as humans? Look at itContinue reading “Vanity of vanities”

Reminisces of an idolater

In reminiscing about my past, trying to make sense of the blatant contractions, I’ve come to realize a hard truth. Let me start at the beginning. I was raised in a new age family. My dad did psychic readings for money. I was indifferent to religion. This changed however when I met J. Her familyContinue reading “Reminisces of an idolater”

From death to life

So, where to begin?! I’m honestly still trying to make sense of it, but something I realized after stands out to me. I had dealt with depression for years on and off and struggled with a constant feeling of not belonging or having purpose or reason to live. I went in and out of hospitalsContinue reading “From death to life”


Poem I wrote before my suicide attempt…ironic in how it left me looking I wear this mask you see a copy of the old me For you it’s normal, not at all I’ve lost myself after all For fear and longing I keep it on to act like carrying on Perhaps one day you’ll seeContinue reading “Mask”

The darkest night

The sound is deafening! What in the world is that mechanical noise?! “Where am I, why does my head hurt SO bad?!” It’s amazing I was concious…it’s hard to explain how without mention of something beyond merely the physical. On May seventeenth of twenty nineteen I woke up in my car to the sound ofContinue reading “The darkest night”