Smoldering wick

A bruised reed it is weak and frail to the touch The more I consider it’s nature it becomes all too much Something so precious as to hold in my hands The keys to a kingdom in His distant land I’m told all things I can do through Him I do trust These tests theyContinue reading “Smoldering wick”


For those who do not quake with chaos under foot Who choose instead to carry on just as we always do To you I raise my glass to honor one the same I may not even know you by your given name But nonetheless we’re fighters, always Marching on Headed into battle heralded by ourContinue reading “Battle-Cry”


Opaque, seethrough, totally bare My mind and my thoughts are not concealed He knows my past, my present and all that’s to come We lie to ourselves “He’ll never know,” so the story goes Our book is bare, every thought and letter fully aware We lie to ourselves thinking we’ll do it on our ownContinue reading “Edit”


A vagabond a wanderer of sorts What guides my steps is chance and hope I carry on with pack in hand in search of someplace to call my own A wanderer yes,wounded quite so I’ll carry on pack in hand Searching for a new start in a new land Step by step I make myContinue reading “Wanderer”


I’ve got baggage I’m told, man ain’t that the truth I’ve been through more battles than Arnold it’s true My past is a dark one mired in blood My knees buckle under the wait I don’t know how much more I can take I’m still learning however to trust my God’s plan I carry aroundContinue reading “Baggage”