Scarlet letter

A scarlet letter for all to see it’s all that people see of me I try my best to take it off yet fail and fail each time I try This face you see it isn’t me The stares the looks the awkward gaze is hard to take most days I try and act likeContinue reading “Scarlet letter”


The truth is I failed you. I failed myself, my mom, my dad, and most of all my God. I’m cool, but I have a dark side I’m told I’m chased by something I can’t quite explain. I know not its purpose or even its name. A demon of sorts to abuse and destroy. TheContinue reading “Freedom”


A man of many faces is how I’ve ever dwelled It’s a bare necessity of living in this hell A smile, a grin, an upward gauze is easier to see This inspite of living a life of tragedy But those with depth can see right through to what lies beneath Until I find that oneContinue reading “Faces”