I feel the need to clarify something. I write a lot about repentace, sin, etc. I do not believe nor confess that salvation is by grace and…and…and anything! We are called to repent, a change of mind regarding our sin resulting in a change of behavior by God’s power, motivated, driven, and fueled by trustContinue reading “Clarification”

Hoping for chaos

There exists within many believers and myself I’ve found an odd occurrence. As Scripture speaks about the wickedness and chaos leading up until Christ comes. We, I, desire our Lord to return so bad that we find ourselves almost rejoicing at the chaos coming about. I confess that I am not shocked by events, ifContinue reading “Hoping for chaos”

Procrastination is the enemy

“Eh, I’ll do it tomorrow, it can wait.” It is all too tempting, easy and common to procrastinate. When we have a task to do, especially if it’s not something we’re fond of, we will make every excuse not to do it. I don’t know about you, but I am certainly guilty of such! TheContinue reading “Procrastination is the enemy”